".....look after the music and the music will look after you" Bob Harris


"....it's not about studio quality it's about a moment in a shed "

 "...The imperfections, somehow, make it perfect"


"... quite possibly the best online archive of current day acoustic roots music" Lynne Hanson

".... like a modern day Alan Lomax" Man at the bar at Priddy Folk Festival



Shed of the year 2011

FATEA Magazine Innovation Award 2013







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Our first collaboration with Bob Harris and WBBC introducing Hot Feet



Songs From The Shed is an unfunded project, when we started this we set the rule "No one pays to play, No one pays to watch" but if you have enjoyed our sessions please help us keep going either by making a donation or purchasing something from our shop.

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The "Woodworm Project " CDnow available £ 7.00

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"...there's nowhere to hide it is just you, a shed, one man and his camera, terriffying but somehow liberating !"